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With Critical Path, we are proud to co-present Assembly by Nicola Conibere, a three-day live work that acknowledges the spectator’s unique presence without asking them to do more than watch; and TRANSCENDING, for Peace, a performance piece by Lilach Livne that invites us to reshape our perception of the other.

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Nicola Conibere, 'Assembly', 2013.

Nicola Conibere, Assembly, 2013. Courtesy the artist and Nottingham Contemporary. Photograph: Christian Kipp

Assembly is a live, choreographic work devised by London-based artist Nicola Conibere for galleries, civic spaces and performance places. Exploring shifts in relation between individual and collective bodies, its configurations respond to the presence of spectators in an investigation of how other people can appear to us. Performed over three consecutive days, Assembly acknowledges each spectator’s unique presence without asking them to do more than watch.

Nicola Conibere is an artist and lecturer whose research is located in the nexus between dance, theatre and performance studies, addressing what choreographic practice offers to the politics of spectatorship, participation and notions of publics. Her work how bodies relate, investigating states of exchange between people, duration, place and other materials.

Presented in association with Critical Path, with support from Dance4. Originally produced by Dance4. Creation supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Details: 2–5 pm daily, Friday–Sunday, 1–3 April at The Drill, 1C New Beach Road, Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay)

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Lilach Livne, 'A Prayer For The Abstract', 2015

Lilach Livne, A Prayer For The Abstract, 2015, performance. Photograph: Tal Haring

TRANSCENDING, for Peace is an invitation to reshape our perception of the other. The violence of the image and the fear of the seen create barriers and separations. In this 75-minute temporary community, audiences and performers will join hands, dance, pray and strive for an abstract way of being.

Based in Israel, Lilach Livne is a choreographer and performance artist who focuses on the relationship between art, philosophy, new technology and community. Her works explore themes relating to gender, religion, pop culture’s image obsession, body perception and the abstraction as a political agenda. Her practice is one of constant research and experimentation; she creates performances, lectures, public acts, meetings, prayer books and video art – all with the aim of reaching the ‘non image’.

Details: 7 pm, Thursday, 2 June and 9 pm, Friday, 3 June. The Drill, 1C New Beach Road, Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay).

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