Poetry Readings: The Disappearing

Photograph: Zan Wimberley
Photograph: Zan Wimberley

Yurali (eucalyptus)
Mother tongue will always guide you home by song’

Experience the Embassy of Disappearance at Carriageworks, interpreted by young poets as they recite poetry in response to the exhibition. Presented in partnership with The Red Room Company, this special event unveils the results of poetry workshops held at Carriageworks, where local primary school students have used language to engage, distill and represent the disappearing (and reappearing) worlds around them. These poems will form part of The Red Room Company’s The Disappearing 2.0 project.

Poem: YILAALU –BU-GADI (once upon a time in the bay of Gadi), 2012, by Lorna Munro from The Red Room Company’s The Disappearing.


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