Mini-Symposium: Performance Talks

BC Institute, 'Making History,' 2016. Regular performance and installation at 86 George Street, Redfern. Courtesy the artists. Photograph: Leila Joy
BC Institute, Making History, 2016. Regular performance and installation at 86 George Street, Redfern. Courtesy the artists. Photograph: Leila Joy

Chaired by Professor Edward Scheer, this half-day series of talks, micro-lectures and panel discussions brings together a range of practitioners and performance theorists to take stock of current conversations in the area of performance.

Conceived also as an opportunity to reflect on the 20th Biennale, the afternoon will be structured around the set of thematic clusters that comprise up the exhibition’s seven ‘Embassies of Thought’ and its concept of the in-between. Representing divergent sets of aesthetics, topics and methodologies, each Embassy of Thought becomes the point of departure for a thought experiment exploring the state of the field of performance studies.

Talks and discussions may touch on such ideas as performance as exhibition, performance in public spaces, activated installations and performing objects, collaborations between dance and the visual arts, the body as living archive, fictional history, re-enactment, restaging and the translation of historical work, the economies of performance in exhibition contexts, and the politics of participation.

The day will feature a roundtable in which, taking each Embassy in turn, panellists share some thoughts on a particular Embassy or work for around 10 minutes before opening a discussion with the panel on its keywords and key moments, images and experiences.


1.00-1.20 pm Welcome, concept and observations Prof. Edward Scheer (UNSW)
1.20-1.40 pm Theron Schmidt (UNSW, Sydney)
1.40-2.00 pm Caroline Wake (UNSW, Sydney)
2.00-2.20 pm Paul Rae (University of Melbourne), via skype
2.20-2.40 pm Lizzie Thomson (artist, Sydney)
2.40-3.00 pm Afternoon tea and coffee
3.00-3.20 pm Erin Brannigan (UNSW, Sydney)
3.20-3.40 pm Anna Scheer (University of New England, Armidale)
3.40-4.00 pm Diana Smith (BC Institute/UNSW, Sydney)
4.00-4.20 pm Mick Douglas (RMIT University, Melbourne)
4.20-4.40 pm Philipp Gehmacher (artist, Vienna), via skype
4.40-5.00 pm Angela Goh (artist, Sydney)
5.00 pm Drinks

This event is part of the Performance Talks series presented in association with the School of the Arts & Media, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences for the 20th Biennale.


Io Myers Studio, UNSW (Gate 2 entrance, High Street, Kensington)