Keg de Souza: Redfern School of Displacement

Keg de Souza, 'If There’s Something Strange in Your Neighbourhood', 2014
Keg de Souza, If There’s Something Strange in Your Neighbourhood, 2014, embroidered inflatable architecture, blowers, UV torches, single channel video, mirrors, drawing workshops, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist. Photograph: Lucas Abela

Hosted by Keg de Souza within the makeshift architecture of We Built this City, her work for the 20th Biennale, the Redfern School of Displacement (RSD) aims to cultivate local knowledge about globally relevant issues of displacement through a series of discussions and tours with special invited guests. By creating a platform for conversation and debate that explores the politics of displacement, RSD promotes learning as a useful tool to combat the forces of dispossession.

RSD focuses on collective learning and knowledge production, emphasising that learning should not be confined to institutions and become more inclusive, accessible and connected to community. Participants with knowledge relating to the topics at hand have been invited to contribute to the school. Marginalised voices that are often displaced from mainstream dialogue are at the centre of the RSD, and participants attending are requested to acknowledge their personal privileges and actively make space for ‘other’ voices.

Some of the topics to be explored include: dispossession and displacement through enforced and prioritised language; colonisation and the displacement of Indigenous residents from the Redfern area; housing and homelessness; displacement caused by conflict and changing climate and the future to come; displacement through gentrification.

The related tours, known as the Redfern–Waterloo: Tour of Beauty, are hosted by SquatSpace and will venture into the streets of Redfern. Set up to acknowledge that it is more meaningful to learn about a place, while being in the place, excursions led as bike and bus tours around Redfern are a key route to knowledge for the school, and will prioritise learning about the local displacement that results from gentrification. The Redfern–Waterloo: Tour of Beauty makes it possible for participants to learn directly from local stakeholders at significant neighbourhood sites and sets up the complex ecology of this neighbourhood as a microcosm to discuss broader issues relating to displacement.


Housing and Homelessness
This event begins with a Welcome to Country organised by the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council.
Sunday 20 March, 1 pm

Forced Migration and the Future
Saturday 7 May, 1 pm

The Shape of Things to Come
Saturday 21 May, 1 pm

Dispossession and displacement through enforced and prioritised language
Saturday 28 May, 1 pm

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