Ben Strout, Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Rosenthal, 20th Biennale of Sydney Artistic Director

Gina Hall, Head of Exhibition
Terry Harding, Head of Marketing
Summar Hipworth, Head of Administration and Planning
Barbara Moore, Head of Benefaction

Tim Barker, Technical Production Manager
Caroline Geraghty,  Registrar
Sarah Hetherington, Benefaction Manager
Haitian Liu, Accountant
Lisa Panarello, Sponsorship Manager
Melissa Ratliff, Curator and Manager of Public Programs and Education
Bree Richards, Nick Waterlow OAM Curatorial Fellow
Mike Smith, Exhibition and Venue Manager
Tai Spruyt, Curatorial Research Manager

Alana Ambados, Public Program and Education Coordinator
Lauren Barber, Communications Designer
Ashley Collis, Administration Coordinator
Kate Davis, Artist Liaison
Sandra Di Palma, Events Assistant
Jemma Douglas, Administration Assistant
Lauren Giusti, Public Program and Education Assistant
Robyn Grant, Signage Coordinator
Brittney Griffiths, Design Assistant
Charlotte Hickson, Exhibition Administrator
Perrine Huber, Marketing Coordinator
Kartini Ludwig, Exhibition and Project Coordinator
Andy Lysle, Install Coordinator
Tom Macphail, Social Media Assistant
Liz Malcolm, Publications Coordinator
Anna Meyerowitz, Guest Relations Assistant
Tony Mighell, Project Manager
Nyssa Miller, Cockatoo Island Administrator
Claude Moelan, Digital Media Producer
Ilse Moreno, Volunteer Coordinator
Rohan Morris, Sponsorship Assistant
Gotaro Uematsu, AV Coordinator

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London Office of the Artistic Director

Jessica Cerasi, Assistant Curator
Mara-Johanna Koelmel, Curatorial Research Assistant
Yoshika Yajima, Curatorial Research Assistant