van der Meer Consulting

Van der Meer is one of Australia’s leading engineering consultancies providing a diverse range of specialist structural and civil design consultancy services across multiple sectors including commercial, health, retail, industrial, residential, education, events & staging. We have a reputation for technical design excellence, and with offices in NSW, VIC and QLD, our integrated team of dedicated engineers provide clever design solutions that comply with the most challenging of client briefs.

Van der Meer is at the cutting edge of innovative and creative engineering design, with a commitment to continuously push the boundaries in order to deliver exceptional & unique results, alongside practical and cost effective designs. Our impressive portfolio demonstrates the flexible, inspirational and intelligent minds behind the structures we deliver, which allows us to tailor each design process in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Van der Meer’s design process utilises the extensive knowledge base of our highly regarded professional team. Our refined methodology draws on all facets of the construction process and aims to maximise cost and time effectiveness, ecological sustainability, and generate exceptional value for each client. Directors and Associates are intimately involved with the technical aspects of all projects, enabling the delivery of high quality design solutions for which our brand is recognised for. Our extensive portfolio distinctly notes the experience and resources of our collaborative team, which gives us the ability to undertake projects in a broad range of market sectors.

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