Motel Picture Company

Motel Picture Company was on the ground amidst the action of the 20th Biennale of Sydney, following artists and artistic teams to provide an in-depth look at what’s happening throughout the festival.

Festival audiences will have direct access to interviews and visual documenting, revealing insightsinto the artists, their artistic processes, and the visionary curatorial team that sits behind this incredible international festival of contemporary arts.

From the moment a piece of artwork is conceived and located within the uniquely iconic exhibition spaces, our team of cinematographers record with sensitivity and capability the intimacy of the artist’s work. These renowned visual artists and their innovative and challenging works are brought to life through this immersive documentation.

Motel Picture Company is helping the biennale’s audience to navigate the exciting world of Australia’s largest contemporary visual arts festival as well as capturing the works to explore and share, long after the three-month festival is over.

Past, Present and Future, Motel Picture Company

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