For the People

The Biennale is about art – the artists, their work, and the audience. These are the important elements.

We’re For The People, and we had absolutely nothing to do with those elements.

But we did design the identity elements that pull the whole experience together – manifested in things like the flags, the signs, the catalogue, and the website.

A comparatively small part of the Biennale, perhaps – but one we feel incredibly privileged to have contributed to. We hope you enjoy your involvement in the Biennale as much as we did ours.

Want to know more about us?

We’re for shaking things up.
Disrupting industries, creating new markets, and launching bold companies.

We’re for culture that fuels creativity and innovation.
Building trust, and inspiring teams to work harder and happier.

We’re for new models.
New theories, and new ways of working (for this century instead of the last).

We’re for looking for the right inspiration.
More ‘Silicon Valley trends’ than ‘design and management textbooks’.

We’re for enthusiastically seizing the human potential of technology.
Demolishing the arbitrary distinction between ‘work technology’ and ‘personal’ technology – to create ‘human technology’.

We’re for design.
The utility, magic and power of considering the human element of every decision.

We’re for fighting systems that can’t adapt, and the silos that suffocate progress.

We’re for common sense.

We’re for brutal honesty.

We’re for using design, strategy, storytelling and technology to bring businesses closer to people.

We’re For The People.

If you are too, get in touch.

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