City of Sydney

The City of Sydney is the local government authority responsible for the central business district (CBD) and more than 30 suburbs or parts of suburb in Sydney.

Fostering a Cultural and Creative City of Sydney

The City of Sydney is committed to the development of a tolerant, diverse, prosperous and sustainable city which values its rich natural, cultural and urban heritage.

Art and culture make a city stimulating and memorable and create a flourishing and outward-looking environment of which its communities can be justly proud.

As the most visible and accessible art form, public art plays a role of unprecedented importance in contributing to the poetic dimension of the city. Thriving art and culture are the great indicators of a city’s pulse and should have a palpable presence throughout the city.

As indicated in Sustainable Sydney 2030 the City’s economic and social wellbeing is closely associated with innovation and creativity, and the richness and diversity of its cultural life. These connections provide the bonds that maintain the City’s identity and social cohesion in an era of constant change.

Find out more about the cultural and creative city outlined in Sustainable Sydney 2030.