Not Evenly Distributed | A Wicked Problem

Posted on 20 June 2016 in News
Capital not culture is driving gentrification

Shane McGrath discusses art, gentrification and housing affordability with 20th Biennale artist Keg de Souza through her work, Redfern School of Displacement, in the next post in the blog.

SM: How does gentrification link into your work, including the idea of things not being evenly distributed? How did a Redfern site change the ways the work responded to gentrification?

KdS: I can see how things are unevenly distributed in the park across from my house, where elderly public housing residents and new Redfern residents rub shoulders. A strip of cafes has opened up on the other side of the park. In the background are the public housing towers. The government has said they must go, and residents have already received eviction notices. They no longer fit in with the new vision for Redfern.


[Image: Capital not culture is driving gentrification]