ANNOUNCED: For The People appointed as Designers

Posted on 30 July 2015 in News
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Start-up agency For The People has been appointed to design the visual identity for the 20th Biennale of Sydney (2016), working collaboratively with the Biennale team and challenging the more traditional approaches taken to engage arts audiences.

The Artistic Director of the 20th Biennale of Sydney Stephanie Rosenthal says, ‘I’m delighted to be collaborating with For The People. Their innovative approach will bring to life the various facets of the exhibition and animate the themes and ideas informing this edition.’

‘Understanding the artistic vision of Stephanie Rosenthal gave us a very clear, very exciting direction,’ says Jason Little, Co-Founder and Creative Director of For The People. ‘Often branding for cultural events can be either impenetrable or apologetic, and neither help involve audiences. We have been a lot more playful and expressive with our solution, experimenting with the conventions of branding to surprise and engage people. The identity features typographic cultures and cross-breeding fonts. There are animated characters, with DNA inspired by the 20th Biennale themes. We have also begun an exciting collaboration with UNSW Art & Design: blending the disciplines of design, art and technology, a series of “wormholes” will be built to connect visitors, artists and venues throughout the Biennale.’

The Biennale’s Head of Marketing Terry Harding says, ‘Collaborating with For The People has offered the Biennale an intelligent and integrated set of solutions. The branding integrates our print and digital campaigns seamlessly, introducing technological solutions allowing the Biennale to service its expanding audience over the three-month exhibition. Connecting the event’s themes and artworks with the hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend was at the centre of our needs. For The People’s thinking has offered us all the right responses.’


Established in early 2015, For The People was co-founded by Damian Borchok, Jason Little and Andy Wright. Experienced strategists and designers, For The People are dedicated to new models, new theories and new ways of working for this century.