#19BOS in numbers

Posted on 11 February 2014 in News
Props for a #19BOS artwork

With more than 90 artists appearing at #19BOS, a lot of work goes on behind-the-scenes helping artists gather materials for the exhibition. Below are some of the stranger requirements for artworks – we’ll leave it to your imagination to pick which artist (and where) the items will be found …

  • More than 1000 plants with negative symbolic meanings
  • 13 second-hand exercise machines
  • Three artificial Christmas trees
  • 5 whoopie cushions
  • A gong
  • A miniature train
  • One large artificial rock
  • 200 branches
  • One dog bed
  • 100 f-clamps
  • 12 metre high projection screen
  • Six carpet beaters
  • 60 video projectors
  • Three 35mm projectors

The full public program for #19BOS has now been revealed.

Find out more.

Image: Props for a #19BOS artwork, via @biennalesydney on Instagram.