Flashback Friday: 3rd Biennale of Sydney, European Dialogue

Posted on 15 November 2013 in Flashback Friday, News
Rosalie Gascoigne, Feathered Fence, 1979

The 3rd Biennale of Sydney (1979) – curated by Nick Waterlow OAM – focused on the links between Australia and Europe, in turn questioning the notion of New York as the epicentre of the art world.

Waterlow focused on bringing previously unseen works to Australia with the exhibition artists including A.R Penck, Daniel Buren, Christian Boltanski (appearing at #19BOS venue partner Carriageworks in 2014), Valie Export, Mario Merz, Marina Abramović and Armand Arman.

The Biennale included works by artists from Malangi, Bungaway and Milpurrurr from Ramangining Central Arnhem Land, making it the first exhibition to show indigenous art in an international contemporary art context.

The 3rd Biennale featured 130 artists from 19 countries.

Images from the 3rd Biennale of Sydney (1979)

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Image: Rosalie Gascoigne, Feathered Fence, 1979. Installation view of the 3rd Biennale of Sydney (1979) at the Art Gallery of New South Wales