Flashback Friday: 11th Biennale of Sydney, Goat Island

Posted on 18 October 2013 in Flashback Friday, News
Goat Island. Image courtesy National Parks NSW

Curated by Jonathan Watkins, the 11th Biennale of Sydney (1998) was one of the most expansive, with 100 artists exhibited in ten venues across the city.

Goat Island, lying in Sydney Harbour off the shores of Balmain and Millers Point was used as a venue for the first and only time in Biennale history. In keeping with Watkin’s goal of matching art with its surrounding environment, the Island featured memorable works such as Martin Creed’s balloons filling an entire house on the Island, a location reached only by a special Biennale ferry, while the old powder magazine building was transformed by David Cunningham’s interactive sound installation.

The 1998 exhibition heavily focused on site-specific outdoor works, transforming Sydney’s parks into art wonderlands. The Royal Botanic Gardens featured Tadashi Kawamata’s corrugated garden sheds scattered throughout and Gereon Lepper’s discs floating in one of the Garden’s ponds; while the gardens of Government House hosted an enormous pyramid sculpture built with industrial scaffolding by artist Rasheed Araeen.

Images from 11th Biennale of Sydney (1998)

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Image: Goat Island. Courtesy National Parks NSW