Flashback Friday: 10th Biennale of Sydney, Douglas Gordon

Posted on 18 October 2013 in Flashback Friday, News

Did you know that 19th Biennale artist Douglas Gordon had also featured in the 10th Biennale of Sydney (1996)? We were lucky enough to see his now-iconic 24 Hour Psycho (1993) back then – and next year in 2014, we’ll get to see another artwork that has never before been seen in Australia.

The 10th Biennale of Sydney (1996) presented the work of 48 artists in a deliberate curatorial decision to have a smaller show with more substantial statements. One of the works that really stood out was Douglas Gordon’s now iconic 24 Hour Psycho.

A video installation projected on two large-format screens, the work is a slowed-down appropriation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho. A fresh take on a familiar classic, it plays only two frames per second instead of the standard 24. By slowing it down, the movie’s running time extends to a full 24 hours instead of its usual 109 minutes. Since featured in various exhibitions globally, it is now considered a seminal piece in Gordon’s early career.

Other artists who participated in the 10th Biennale include Ann Hamilton, Philip Taaffe, Tony Oursler, Nan Goldin and Matthew Barney. Curated by Dr Lynne Cooke, the theme ‘Jurassic Technologies Revenant’ focussed on reproductive technologies for information, identity and memory versus history.

Images from 10th Biennale of Sydney (1996)

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Image: 24 Hour Psycho,  courtesy Art News.